Talking with myself

Remember, today I took a bath doesn't mean I am done, if I have to keep myself fresh I take a bath daily - everyday same effort, same hard work, but we do it because it is not a choice, we just need to do it to keep ourselves in fashion, although it is not a compulsion, it is something which is so minute and procedural that we don't even feel the importance of it.. just keep playing.. you will face challenges, our truth is beyond them, our truth exists simply in living them without making 'efforts', acceptance followed by free actions.

I 'know'.... it doesn't mean it is my 'knowing', when the day begins there are same challenges lying in front of me same as they are in front of you, but as I know I don't have to become something to fight with them it becomes easy and spontaneous for me to fight with them with the immense love of being myself.

Remember, you are neither good nor wrong, you are just you and your being, don't feel sorry for anything and when you do.. instead think about actions.. living authentically is the best decision you can make to yourself, it doesn't mean that all goods and all bads have ended today, the truth doesn't mind them, doesn't care for them, it just relishes its existence, and when it starts to understand that it just needs to keep flowing, every step becomes so spontaneous that you feel being in them and not being in them at the same time. This is what we call utter freedom.

Be there and don't be there, keep yourself connected with yourself.. yes it needs practice, when you can love your existence you are done, let us explore the world with this thought and excitement coming from past creations we have acknowledged, we were wanderers and we are wanderers... always.